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Why you should install do not disturb lights for cubicles in the office

Posted by Embrava on 29/08/2018


The rise of technology and the fast-paced changes in modern times has led the traditional working environment to change. As company values shift and we progress towards a more collaborative, team-focused approach to work, the structure of our business environment begins to shift accordingly.

Open plan workspaces and activity-based working are increasing in popularity, but as new structures are introduced, new problems inevitably arise. Open plan offices can cause employees to be interrupted and get off-task while hotdesking can lead to difficulties in finding a suitable space to complete tasks.

Installing a do not disturb light for cubicles in the office will provide a solution for such problems that arise. Here are some reasons why!

Easy to install

Installing a do not disturb light for cubicles in your company is simple – these devices are created to be easy to attach to individual desks. You can simply attach it using tape, a wall mount or by placing it on your desk.

The large visual signal provides a clear indication of an employee’s status from a distance, but you should place it in an optimal position! Depending on the model you choose, you can connect it to your computer through a USB cable or opt for a wireless option. Implementing this company solution is simple and takes little effort!

Integrates across systems

A do not disturb light for cubicles in the office can be easily integrated with software systems to maximize workplace efficiency. For example, it can be synced with programs which allow calls so as to automatically provide a signal for when an employee is busy on the phone.

Installing a do not disturb light for cubicles in your company also helps to provide individuals with a clear signal for incoming calls. With the decline of traditional phone sets, employees may find it hard to adjust to a modern calling system.

These new tools can provide a clear visual and audio signal for employees so they are quickly alerted when they are being called.

Monitor productivity

Installing a do not disturb light for cubicles in the office make it easier for you to monitor the productivity of employees. The integrated system can monitor when employees are at their desk and their change in status.

This information can provide an understanding of how productive the company currently is and what can be done to improve the level of efficiency. Understanding the patterns of how employees move is a good way to develop solutions for improvements.

Encourages good working habits

Managing a good business environment comes with encouraging good working habits amongst your employees. By fitting in a do not disturb light for cubicles in your office, you will be helping individuals develop better habits in being more productive and less disruptive.

These visual signals prompt individuals to stay on-task and provide a way for communication to be more effective and efficient in the business environment.

Improves team collaboration

By displaying an availability status that is accessible visually in the office and across digital platforms, a do not disturb light for cubicles can drastically improve team collaboration.

Individuals are able to organize meeting times and contact their team members with ease with a do not disturb light for cubicles in the organization. Disruptions to individual tasks are minimized, helping create a better team synergy.

By implementing a do not disturb light for cubicles in your business, you can experience increases in efficiency, especially for those working in groups. This is because these devices provide solutions for communication that encourage an easier collaboration.

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