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Why you should consider using digital nameplates in your office

Posted by Embrava on 29/10/2018

Modern offices and workplaces are dynamic, fast paced and often very busy. With this in mind efficiency and communication are ever more important. Digital name plates aid office efficiency and communication by performing a number of functions such as displaying employee names, their availability, caller ID’s, and incoming calls. Automated office identification and call status systems like these provide numerous benefits for efficiency; let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Communication and interpersonal benefits

By displaying employee names, automated identification solutions help employees working in large offices to learn the names of their coworkers who they may not commonly collaborate with. By helping new people to quickly learn everyone’s names by having a static display on each desk, there is an increased sense of inter office approachability. This helps to aid in breaking down initial communication barriers and helps everyone feel more comfortable working with one another.

If you need to improve the approachability of workers in your office, consider installing identification systems such as the Blynclight nameplate which help to create a familiar and friendly team environment. In this kind of environment, communication takes places in a much more efficient manner, and this will always contribute to better job performance overall.

Limit interruptions

In modern open plan offices that are primarily sectioned into cubicles it can often be difficult for workers to engage in important phone calls free of distraction and interruption. Employees on phone calls can often be unintentionally interrupted by workers around them who do not realise that they are speaking with a prospect or client. This can have negative consequences for communication with clients, as well as for workers efficiency more generally.

Digital name plate solutions with built in call status lights help to limit these interruptions. They display whether someone is in a call, and who is involved in it. This communicates to the surrounding office environment that they cannot be interrupted. This helps communication flow well between the worker and whoever they are speaking to as well as minimizing time-wasting interruptions in the office.

Monitor productivity

By displaying who is on call, for how long and who with, managers in call centric office environments can easily assess who is consistently working effectively across the office floor. Productivity can further be monitored if the call status system installed is easily integrated. The Blynclight nameplate for example can easily be integrated with office software systems. This means that managers can collate data on which employees are at their desks, for how long and what their call status is. This information can be useful to not just assess individual employees, but to get an understanding of how productive the company is in general. With this information, managers can identify which areas need the most improvement, and subsequently develop effective solutions.


If you are in need of an automated dynamic ID and call status solution for your office, consider the Blynclight nameplate that combines identification and call status systems in an easily integrative system that fits perfectly with any modern office.

If you want these benefits for your office, contact us to learn more about the range of productivity solutions we have on offer.

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