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Why you should consider using digital nameplates in your office

Posted by Embrava on 29/10/2018

Modern offices and workplaces are dynamic, fast paced and often very busy. With this in mind efficiency and communication are ever more important. Digital name plates aid office efficiency and communication by performing a number of functions such as displaying employee names, their availability, caller ID’s, and incoming calls. Automated office identification and call status systems like these provide numerous benefits for efficiency; let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

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4 reasons to start using busylights in the office

Posted by Embrava on 11/10/2018

In the contemporary business world, managing your time means managing your success. Throughout a busy day in the corporate world, you are often burdened with distractions and various tasks. As a worker, you want to get your work done as quickly as possible, however, you often find yourself being distracted by conversations with colleagues and other things going on in the office. In essence, busylights inform your colleagues that you are either available or unavailable at that time. Indeed, with one of Embrava’s perfect Busy Lights, you’ll soon find yourself working hard, free from distractions and boosting your productivity.

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Why you should install do not disturb lights for cubicles in the office

Posted by Embrava on 29/08/2018

The rise of technology and the fast-paced changes in modern times has led the traditional working environment to change. As company values shift and we progress towards a more collaborative, team-focused approach to work, the structure of our business environment begins to shift accordingly.

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