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Introducing Embrava Flow!

Posted by Embrava on 07/05/2019

Busy office

What does your work day look like? How much of it do you get to spend uninterrupted during complex tasks or projects? Probably not much.

One of the most frustrating things about working in an office setting is the constant interruptions. Phone calls, chat messages, talkative coworkers—how are you supposed to get anything done? These common workplace problems are exactly why we designed Embrava Flow.

Stay on Task with Embrava Flow

Embrava Flow is our new, patented technology that learns how you work and automatically changes the status light in your work environment to keep you “in the zone.” Its proprietary interruptibility algorithm detects when you’re focused on a task based on how you interact with your computer, then manually changes your status light to reflect your true state.

Get a Free Trial of Flow!

We're really proud of Embrava Flow and think it's the key to helping workers around the world unlock their true potential. Ready for better productivity? Visit the link below to secure your free trial license.

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