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How status lights boost productivity

Posted by Embrava on 25/01/2019


Interruptions are a reality of the modern workplace. Phone, email, IM and the never-ending office or cubicle pop-in. It’s a wonder anything gets accomplished at all.

In fact, companies are losing time and money every instance a worker is distracted. A 2015 study by Think Money found a third of employees lose three hours per day to distractions; in the financial industry, the Washington Post found interruptions can eat up to 238 minutes a day.1 2

A UCI Irvine/Humboldt University Study found that people compensate for interruptions by working faster, experiencing more stress, higher frustration, pressure, and effort.3

This leads to a decrease in morale, especially amongst younger workers, and a higher turnover rate. A survey conducted by Udemy found 34% of respondents like their jobs less, with 22% of millennial/Gen Z feeling “distractions prevent them from reaching their full potential and advancing in their careers.”4

Embrava Status Light to the Rescue

The solution to the distraction dilemma is the Blynclight family of products from Embrava. These attractive, durable lights are compatible with most major UC platforms on the market, as well as Cisco Finesse and Genesys PureCloud contact center environments.

This simple yet highly effective method alerts colleagues to your availability (available, busy, away, do not disturb). Blynclights integrate with all major UC/VOIP platforms including Skype-for-Business, Jabber, RingCentral, Zoom, UC-ONE, Circuit, Finesse, PureCloud and even your own applications.

Additionally, Blynclights can be configured to ensure employees are visibly alerted to every incoming call, particularly important for sales or customer service. Missed calls can also be displayed, prompting quicker return calls.

The results are a focused, more efficient, and happier workforce. Our own studies show that Embrava Status lights decrease unnecessary interruptions, helping to recapture 10% of that lost time and saving your company real money. Additionally, your team will feel less stressed, in control, and more confident.

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